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by Scott Ealy (Effingham, Illinois, USA)

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Thankful !!!


Thursday, April 30, 2015, will be my last day in the role of Chief Assistant (or First Assistant) State’s Attorney of Effingham County.  It has been a true honor to serve in this important capacity for the past couple of years.

Soon I will take a couple of weeks off – to rest and reflect – before likely resuming a private practice of law.

Serving as a prosecutor under my great friend, State’s Attorney Bryan Kibler, has been a richly rewarding experience.  My office-mates and I have worked hard.  I have learned a lot, and feel fortunate to have made and continued many important and lasting friendships.

The decision to leave was not easy.  My final decision was reached in March, surprisingly, as I was listening to the words of University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino, lamenting the fact that “windows of opportunity” in life remain open only for so long.  The message hit home.

The privilege of serving as Chief Assistant has been all-encompassing for me, and I am proud of this service.  But, each of us occupies a unique mission and multiple roles in life.  Each of these roles demands an adequate devotion of time.

In the future, I hope to make myself more available for other responsibilities, which, of course would include, but not be limited to, legal matters.

As I look back on the past couple of years, I feel very privileged to have been associated with such a brilliant decision-maker as Bryan Kibler.  He and I – and countless others – have worked many long hours together on matters such as the Willow Long case, the region’s heroin crisis, the neglected and mistreated children of our world, and other more typical or routine matters.

Though no prosecutor’s office can push a county into perfection, we have worked ethically to help make our county a better place, I believe.  At all times, we have sought justice tempered with mercy.

As for the immediate future, I am looking forward to a busy schedule of personal involvements, including a family wedding, time with friends, a recommitment to physical fitness activity (maybe even some standup paddleboarding this summer on Lake Sara), volunteer work as a host at this summer’s Relay For Life, and, of course, the challenging legal and business trials of the months and years ahead.

But, I will long remember the privilege of my years in the Effingham County State’s Attorney’s office.  I am thankful for having experienced this opportunity to serve.

Thank you all for this wonderful opportunity!

Scott Ealy


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April 23, 2015 at 8:43 pm

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Top 5 Abused Drugs In My Area




I was asked this morning about the most abused drugs in my community, and so I’ve given it a lot of thought.


Here’s The Top Five List:


1.  Alcohol.


Typically, alcohol is the first drug used illegally (by underage residents) in most communities. Deaths, injuries and arrests do little to deter local religious fervor for this politically-favored, prehistoric and psychoactive substance made out of ethanol, a product that might be good for your car, but not for you.



2.  Nicotine.


Tobacco products are as unhealthy and addictive as ever to the individual user, according to recent studies. And now E-cigarettes are simply the latest in a neauseating line of nicotine-laden product.

Cigarette butts litter our downtown sidewalks, and discarded cigarette packs litter our rural roads.  Need I say more?



3.  Opiates (including heroin and abused prescription drugs).


The majority of these cases involve the misuse, trading and selling of prescription narcotics. But, the use of illegal heroin – and heroin-related deaths – are ever on the rise in communities such as ours.

Meanwhile, pity our poor physicians who are being overwhelmed by pill-seekers, complaining of mysterious pain. Hypochondria abounds . . . and so does dangerous chemical addiction.



4.  Caffeine.


Not talking about coffee drinkers here.

I am referring to the pill poppers of this legal product, including truckers who pass through our region and individuals seeking the so-called boost offered by pills and caffeine-based “energy” drinks.

And what about the athlete wannabes who “fuel up” before at-bats and races — those to whom I would address this simple question: “Was it you, or the drug?”

Just because a product is “legal” doesn’t make it healthy or safe. For example, in the case of “amped up” truck drivers: “The fact that any person charged with [DUI] is legally entitled to use any drug or drugs … shall not constitute a defense …” 625 ILCS 5/11-501(b).



5.  Cannabis.


Absent significant change in the Legislature, marijuana use remains illegal for “recreational” purposes in Illinois – at least for the time being.  Far less dangerous than alcohol, the product is addictive and typically makes one lethargic. For the general population, marijuana use is a great waster of time, at very best.



CONCLUSION: My advice, as usual, is to #BeReal and #BeYou and to assist others in doing so.  Set a good example by avoiding the above-identified products, as well as other obviously illicit substances, and . . . take necessary medication only as prescribed.


Scott Ealy


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January 25, 2014 at 12:40 pm

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