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by Scott Ealy (Effingham, Illinois, USA)

Word Of Cruelty / Word Of Kindness




While scouring an internet discussion board this morning, I was struck repeatedly by the use of a certain word from folks of a certain mindset.


That word is “they.”


As in, “They’re not like us.”  As in, “What they don’t want you to know.”  As in, “Don’t you just love it when they all come out.”


“They” is one of the most divisive words in human history.


The propagandists among us have a real “talent” for this divisiveness.  Please review the language employed at some of our nation’s recent “rallies,” for example.

Is there a word for “opposite of rally?”



Fortunately, the good people in society frequently make use of some diametrically opposed language.


I heard one particular word over and over recently during a local Spanish language religious ceremony.  I liked the way it sounded as the word warmly flowed from the minister.


In Spanish, the word is . . . “nosotros.”


Following the service, I approached the speaker and asked him to translate.

I learned that “nosotros” means us (or “we”).



Nosotros:  To me, it’s a simple, one-word lesson that I hope not to forget anytime soon.  The lesson is that “it’s not all about ‘them.’  It’s about ‘us‘ – ALL OF US – and what we go out and do with our lives.”



“Nosotros” is the simple language lesson of inclusiveness that I had been taught earlier in life (in English) by Fred Slabach, assistant dean at the law school that I attended in Jackson, Mississippi.

But I’ll save that particular story for another day.



Scott Ealy



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August 29, 2010 at 8:04 am

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