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by Scott Ealy (Effingham, Illinois, USA)

Using Fictional Poor People As Scapegoats





Wealthy propagandist bloggers in the struggling state of Illinois … are recycling an immoral ploy from their weathered 1980s handbooks.


As information “sources,” they are quoting purported anonymous, poverty-stricken teenage females – claiming that these anonymous minors are gleefully mass-producing children in order to avoid employment.  And to meet the purported avowed goal of qualifying for public housing.


Which then plunges other people – our blameless “good” citizens, of course – directly into economic turmoil.


The bloggers beg the question:  Why let these evil poor people (“them”) wreak such havoc upon . . . (“us”)?



Below are three examples of this propaganda technique for your consideration – quoted directly and word-for-word this year from an area blog:


Exhibit One:


From a teacher – the girls in the particular high school classroom were discussing their future.  Late last year, many identified that their goal in life was to get into public housing……..just like their parents.  As horrific as that sounds, this month, the girls were sharing information on starting a family.  They were well aware that the entitlement programs provide more benefits for single mothers.  Hence, they were advising that it’s best to have a family (4-5 children), before actually marrying the childrens’ father, because the money from the government, along with government housing, is so much more lucrative.


Exhibit Two:


The patient, that day, was a young 17 year old girl.  As the physician began the exam, she proudly announced, “I’m pregnant. by a boy at my school.”  Only a junior in high school, the young mother would deliver before the end of her senior year.   Of course the father had long departed.

But the girl was overjoyed at her situation.  “I don’t really like living at home with my parents.”  she commented.  “Once I have this baby, I get to move out of the house and never have to work again!”

“Why don’t you want to work?” inquired the physician.

“I don’t like to work.” she responded.  “And, now I’ll never have to.”

The doctor continued with his day, knowing that he would be taxed for his work, his home, his purchases and even his death, just so this young lady would have the luxury of never having to contribute to society.


Exhibit Three:


Now come Joe and Sally (I’ve changed their names, but they live here in Central Illinois).  This 30-something couple are enjoying the good life.  By working the system, they live in government housing, enjoying monthly food stamps, free health care, and a $1,600/month welfare check.  Life is good.  So good, in fact, Joe and Sally are also able to enjoy a fairly active recreational drug habit!






Who are these purported anonymous poor people who keep popping up to provide such convenient material?

Did they call a press conference?

Why never any names or specifics?  (Surprise, surprise).



Link To “I’ve Got Mine” (music video) by Glenn Frey



What kind of individuals blame our budget woes on the suddenly-quotable-but-anonymous poor . . .

With no mention, for example, of the tax-dodging wealthy or the millions of dollars in CORPORATE welfare being doled out in our region?



The scenario sounds all too familiar.




Scott Ealy



Written by scottealy

April 24, 2010 at 7:27 am

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