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Betcha THEY Could Tell Some Stories

Stan Stasiulis and the Honorable Judge Glen Bower in Effingham, Ill.


Dozens of dignitaries attended a reception at the Effingham County Office Building on Tuesday to mark the retirement of Susan Van Dyke — after 42-years of service in the Effingham County State’s Attorney’s office.

Among those making a special effort to appear for the event were Stanley P. Stasiulis (left), who served as the original Public Defender of Effingham County, and former State’s Attorney Glen L. Bower, who currently serves as an Immigration Court Judge for the U.S. Department Of Justice in Chicago.


Now, moving on to our topic of “stories” . . .


Guess how these boys met up?


Dick Runde & Rick Keller


The dynamic legal duo of K. Rick Keller and Richard A. Runde first met as high school athletes on opposite sides of the battlefield – in both basketball and baseball – in National Trail Conference competition in the late 1960s.  Rick played for the Stewardson-Strasburg Comets, while Dick suited up for the famed Wooden Shoes of Teutopolis.


In fact, the two future law partners became “forever linked” during a much debated, game-ending moment on the hardwood in 1970 – a “controversial” play that remains etched in minds and the focus of some good natured ribbing down at 214 W. Jefferson Avenue in Effingham at this time of year.

“Foul” or “no foul?”  On that unending question, the two former adversaries will beg to differ.



Scott Ealy


Written by scottealy

February 16, 2010 at 5:47 pm

Lincoln’s Birthday, Lawyers As President

Lincoln - Herndon Law Offices in Springfield, Ill. - (SRE)


The Lincoln – Herndon Law Offices building in downtown Springfield is the only existing structure in which Abraham Lincoln once maintained a law office.  Lincoln practiced law in this building from 1843 – 1852, according to records from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.



Today is Presidents Day and an official court holiday in the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Illinois, which includes Effingham County.  Consequently, most attorney’s offices (including mine) are closed.

Courthouse offices in several counties in our circuit also were closed on Friday – along with most State of Illinois office buildings – in honor solely of Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.


Document:  Court Holidays By County – Fourth Judicial Circuit


Did You Know?  26 attorneys have served as President of the United States of America, including our 44th President, Barack Obama.


Question:  So, how many attorneys does it take to change a light bulb?  Answer:  How many can you afford?


(C’mon, lighten up – it’s just a joke)!



Scott Ealy

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February 15, 2010 at 6:00 am

The Wonder Of Life





I haven’t had the opportunity to view many movies over the years – for reasons difficult to explain.


But, the above scene from 1990’s “Joe Versus The Volcano” always has been one of my favorites.


I share the struggling character’s awakened sense of awe at the gigantic world that so personally envelops us, as well as his deepened feeling of gratitude for life itself.



Scott Ealy

Written by scottealy

February 14, 2010 at 7:46 pm